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Shanghai dongfangmeigu 46 inch splicing screen project

Release time:2019-08-21

Shanghai Dongfang Meigu, a "Silicon Valley" Park of beautiful health industry, is about to open. The relevant responsible persons consider that the exhibition hall needs to show users the relevant products, cultural creativity and brand concept of beauty care. Compared with LCD splicing screen, ordinary posters and traditional LED display screen obviously can not meet their needs.
Finally, after relevant understanding, they decided to choose the LCD splicing screen as the carrier of this exhibition. However, when they finally chose the splicing screen manufacturer, it was a headache. The splicing screens on the Internet are all over the place. Finally, after screening by the person in charge of the project, they found huabangying stitching factory. Because huabangying company has genuine Samsung panel, the manufacturer sells directly, there is no middleman, the national door-to-door installation, there is no reason to return or replace the product within 15 days, the national joint guarantee is one year, and the maintenance cost is fully covered Proof.


After receiving the call and consultation from the person in charge of Shanghai Oriental beauty Valley, the customer service personnel of huabangying answered their concerns one by one, and the person in charge immediately decided to hand over the project to huabangying company.

After receiving the project notice, the relevant personnel of huabangying company immediately considered according to the actual situation of the site and many aspects. For the exhibition hall of Shanghai Dongfang Meigu, a set of LCD splicing screen project scheme of 46 inch 3.5mm seam LCD splicing screen and 4x7 and 1x7 vertical screen splicing has been formulated.

The LCD splicing screen adopts Samsung's original industrial grade did LCD screen, and adopts the most advanced LED light source backlight system. The backlight color restoration degree is good, the image is lifelike, the dot shape ultra dense distribution, the backlight brightness is uniform, the picture is transparent and clear, the lifelike is exquisite, and the visual effect is excellent. High quality electronic components, unique intelligent color correction technology, make the color more beautiful, natural use of advanced uv2a liquid crystal layout technology: bright field, energy saving, ultra-high light efficiency, no leakage in the dark field. Ultra high contrast 6ms response speed, more smooth image, energy-saving, environmental protection, no radiation, long life, long-term use of uniform brightness, backlight using glass free materials Safe transportation, the material of panel shell is firm and not easy to be damaged;

Installation method: embedded installation
Product Name: 46 inch ultra narrow edge LCD splicing screen
Type No.: hby-pj460p
Resolution: 1920 * 1080
Brightness: 450cd / m2


Both sides agreed that the scheme was feasible. Afterwards, huabangying company immediately sent professional personnel to Dongfang Meigu in Shanghai for installation. During the installation process, Zhonghua Bangying staff patiently answered some common problems that may be encountered in future use.

Now the project has been successfully completed. After passing the trial construction, verification, acceptance and other processes, Shanghai Dongfang Meigu expressed great recognition and praise to huabangying. They were very satisfied with the installation speed and the quality of LCD splicing screen, which solved a big problem for them.

It can be fully affirmed by users, which is the result of the correct guidance matrix formulated by the company leaders and the joint efforts of all employees. However, every employee of huabangying will not be complacent because of this. Instead, it will integrate the affirmation of users into the actual work, strictly guard every checkpoint and production process, provide better products and better service for customers, and devote itself to being called the industry leader and the leading brand in China and even in the world.

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Features of 46 inch Samsung 3.5mm LCD splicing screen:

Screen size: 1018.1mm * 572.7mm double side seam: 3.5mm

Brightness: 500 CD / m2, appearance dimension: 1020.02 * 574.6 * 125.7mm 

Contrast: 4500:1; response time: 6ms; resolution: 1920 * 1080

Ultra narrow frame design, perfect visual feast, intelligent split screen, single screen, multi screen arbitrary combination;
It supports 7 * 24-hour uninterrupted operation, with a service life of more than 70000 hours;

Diversified image mosaic display, easy to achieve the whole screen display, combined display, stretching, image roaming and other functions.