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Mosaic screen case of Guangzhou Mingde Property Management Co., Ltd.

Release time:2019-08-21

This LCD splicing screen manufacturer huabangying Technology Co., Ltd. cooperates with Guangzhou Mingde Property Management Co., Ltd., focusing on the real estate service industry, mainly engaged in transportation consulting service; road freight transportation agency; loading and unloading; property management; providing site rent, other warehousing industry, professional parking service, etc.

In the process of meeting work or receiving customers, the old projector of the company often has problems, which causes great influence and loss, and the picture is very vague, and various functions can not be realized; in order to improve the efficiency of working conference, receive cooperative enterprises and customers, display the company's qualification, win the favor and recognition of customers; the company purchased 9 pieces of LCD splicing large screen, composed of Indoor conference display system to replace the old display equipment.

As the most popular indoor terminal display equipment, LCD splicing screen has been used in conferences, training institutions, large teaching classrooms; catering and hotel display terminals; commercial display, media advertising, product display and other display terminals; airport, port, wharf, subway, highway and other transportation industry information display terminal; mining, energy security monitoring system , financial and securities information display terminal; fire control, meteorology, maritime affairs, flood control, traffic hub command system, etc.

The conference display, monitoring and other systems are more common, because in the indoor regardless of far and near has the high-definition bright characteristic, the picture exquisite does not distort, the color saturation is gorgeous, compared with the traditional LED and the ordinary display equipment, the advantage is more obvious.


Project specifications:

Splicing unit: HBY-PJ550P

Splicing seam: 3.5mm

Splicing specifications: 3*3/55 inch

Contrast ratio: 4500:1

Resolution: 1920*1080, detailed picture, bright and followable

Response time: less than 6ms, extremely fast response, refusal to procrastinate

Operating life: more than 70,000h, support various long-time startup environments

Installation method: wall-mounted hydraulic front maintenance installation, simple and stylish

Brightness: 500cd/m2

Contractor: LCD splicing screen manufacturer Winbond Ying Technology Co., Ltd., CCTV discovery brand, high-tech enterprise, famous Chinese brand

Panel type: Samsung industrial grade S-PVA panel

Installation Environment:

1. The height of the splicing wall is H=2.65m, and the length L=4.16m. According to the requirements of the other party, the splicing screen needs to be balanced and centered. There is a certain distance between the LED horizontal screens on the top. The comprehensive budget and other factors have been formulated to 3*3 55 inches. 9 large-screen splicing solutions. (55 inches H≈68.4cm, L≈121.3cm)

2. Use splicer to process access to meet the needs of conference display system, multi-screen, single-screen, superimposed display, etc., support VGA, HDMI, DVI and other signal access.

3. The wall-mounted hydraulic front maintenance bracket is installed to save space. Not only that, as long as you gently press the surface or frame of the screen, any screen can be ejected at a uniform speed and slowly, and then like a drawer, the LCD splicing screen can be pulled out horizontally Above 20 cm, if there is a problem with a single screen in the future, it can be disassembled and installed directly without affecting other screens.

4. The power supply system at the installation site is operating normally and is close to three-phase balance. The load power of each connection is basically the same, and the grounding is good, less than 4 ohms, which can ensure the safety of the loop.

5. The construction site environment is clean and free of dust; the floor where the projection unit is installed is flat and firm; the wall can be loaded;

In the field wiring, use a wire slot to separate the strong and weak wires to prevent signal interference; there is no direct strong light near the screen, so as not to affect the display of the splicing screen and cause reflection.

Now that the project has been successfully completed and put into use, this is undoubtedly a relatively big change for Guangzhou Mingde Property Management Co., Ltd. Compared with the previous meeting efficiency, it has significantly improved a lot. For customers who visit the company, see After the LCD splicing screen, I also recognize the company's soft power, increased satisfaction, and increased willingness to cooperate, which invisibly promotes the company's development and performance improvement;

Guangzhou Mingde Property Management Co., Ltd. is very satisfied with this LCD splicing large-screen project, and gave Winbond a very high splicing and recognition. Whether it is the installation process or the initial stage of cooperation, Winbond has demonstrated integrated and meticulous services. Patiently explain all kinds of problems, and make suitable plans and quotations according to the needs, which is reassuring and trustworthy.

3.jpg以客户为核心,针对不同的需求及条件,It has been the principle of huabangying for more than ten years to formulate appropriate terminal display scheme, provide customers with high-quality products and services, develop cooperatively with customers, and co-exist with each other. This is also the reason why huabangying can stand out among many LCD splicing screen manufacturers and become the industry leader.

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