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Mosaic Screen Project of Jiangxi Ganzhou Public Security Organ Command Post

Release time:2019-08-21

Case description:

Project Name: Splicing Screen System of the Public Security Organization Command Post in Shangyou, Ganzhou, Jiangxi

Product name: 46-inch ultra-narrow-edge LCD splicing screen

Model number: HBY-LEDPJ460P

Resolution: 1920*1080

Brightness: 450cd/m2

Product introduction:

This splicing screen has a seam of only 5.5mm and adopts Samsung's industrial-grade S-PVA (DID) LCD splicing panel. The image is clear and smooth, and the edge transition is smooth. It perfectly interprets its unparalleled overall visual effect and accurately conveys each This kind of image and information is a professional terminal display device specially developed for high-end users such as national defense, military, aerospace, electric power, water conservancy, transportation, and various large-scale command and control centers.

Quantity: 3x4 (12 pieces)

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