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Guangdong Henghe Yongsheng Industrial 55-inch LCD splicing screen project

Release time:2019-08-22


Guangdong Henghe Yongsheng Industrial Co., Ltd. has China's advanced production equipment and technology research and development center, with well-known European experts serving as management and technical consultants.

Through the continuous efforts of all Henghe people for many years, the products have been continuously promoted and updated. The increasingly mature Henghe chemical plant is called a dark horse in the industry by its peers, leading the industry to continue to develop, market share and customer support. , Is our most powerful answer.

All provinces, municipalities directly under the Central Government, and major cities in autonomous regions all have marketing branches. After years of development, with its industry-leading technology research and development, well-known brands, and a full range of service systems, it keeps up with industry trends, grasps the pulse of the times, and faces The evolving needs of customers provide targeted solutions anytime and anywhere; it has been proved by practice and won praise in the cooperation and common development with many customers.

The project that Shenzhen Huabangying Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with Henghe Yongsheng Industrial Co., Ltd. this time is a set of 3x4 LCD splicing screen project. After on-site investigation, engineers have built such a set of LCD splicing screen display based on the wall installation area and company budget. system.

A Samsung 55-inch 3.5mm LCD splicing unit with a total of 12 screens is used, and the wall-mounted installation method is used. The debugging effect has been recognized by the leaders of Henghe Yongsheng Industrial.

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