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3x3 splicing project of Guangzhou Yundong Technology Co., Ltd.

Release time:2019-08-21


Founded in 2016, Guangzhou Yundong Technology Co., Ltd. is located at No. 1, Tianhe East Station Road, Guangzhou. Its main business is news content app. It is a news app facing the Japanese market. It pushes personalized and valuable information to users through algorithms. Due to the need to often use the large screen for conference presentation, in order to facilitate the purchase of LCD splicing large screen for use. After careful investigation of huabangying, it is found that huabangying is a professional manufacturer, there will be no middlemen to make money, and the after-sales service is relatively perfect. Therefore, huabangying Samsung 55 inch LCD splicing wall is adopted.

Project content
Project Name: 3 * 3 splicing project of Samsung 55 inch LCD splicing wall of Guangzhou Yundong Technology Co., Ltd
Product Name: Samsung 55 inch LCD splicing wall
Ultra narrow border: 1.7 mm
Purpose: meeting room
address: Guangzhou

The advantages of this product: ultra small seam 1.7mm, super long service life up to 60000-80000 hours, high-definition picture quality up to 1920x1080p, color saturation, five any color difference.


Site installation and commissioning drawing

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