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Splicing screen project of Fujian Huinengda Power Co., Ltd.

Release time:2019-12-12

Project Description:

Fujian Huinengda Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. is energy-saving technology consulting, technology development, and promotion services; renewable energy technology development and promotion services; power transmission and transformation engineering design and construction; power equipment maintenance, power technology consulting; charging pile sales, equipment maintenance Professional providers of other services have a complete and scientific management and service system and advanced production equipment, and the quality of services and products are guaranteed.


(project renderings)

In terms of daily management, the company pays close attention to quality, seeks credibility, seeks development, and increases popularity; the company emphasizes management, efficiency, and benefits from economies of scale. In order to strictly enforce company discipline, clarify responsibilities, and improve work efficiency, the company has introduced current advanced The management system has improved various rules and regulations, and clarified the responsibility to each employee.


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Recently, in order to further develop and improve corporate image and comprehensive soft power, the company specially introduced Winbond’s 0.88mm/55-inch LCD splicing screen to the conference room as the large-screen display equipment in the conference room, so as to improve the efficiency of the meeting and provide customers Show yourself that you are at the forefront of trend innovation, keeping up with the times and refreshing.(project renderings)



(project as built drawing)

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