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Release time:2019-08-22

Promote the double revolution of enterprise from management to technology, intelligent LCD splicing screen helps new energy security
Drive the modernization of the energy industry with intelligence and informatization. In order to ensure the safety and economy of production and operation, it is bound to require production scheduling management personnel to grasp the operating status of each link of the production process at any time, accurately and comprehensively, predict and analyze the operating trend of equipment, and make decisions about problems that occur in each link of production. Timely and accurate disposal depends on the direct display of various monitoring information on the LCD splicing screen in the energy production dispatching management center. In fact, LCD splicing walls have always been an active mainstream position in the application of energy, whether it is power stations and substations in the power industry; oil wells, oil fields and pipelines in the petroleum industry; and production operations in the coal industry are relatively barren, remote or even Bad place. Through the LCD splicing wall, effective monitoring can be achieved. If an accident occurs, corresponding adjustments can be made in time to minimize the harm at the accident site6.jpg

In today’s security projects, LCD splicing screens rely on its own high-definition, high-brightness, high-contrast and other advantages, such as Meiyan high LCD splicing screen 19201080P high resolution, 500cd/m2 high brightness, 30001 high contrast, 178-degree wide viewing angle, support 1080P full HD digital video display is widely favored and praised as the best terminal display equipment, especially in some large-scale security projects. Due to the complex system architecture and the integrated functions, the LCD splicing large-screen system has become an indispensable display platform. .

    With the popularity of smart villages and safe villages, and the increasing demand in overseas markets, the entire security industry has maintained a very good development trend, and Dongfeng LCD splicing, which leverages the security industry, will also gain huge room for growth. In 2015, security applications will still be the main driving force for the growth of the large-screen display industry, and will naturally also be an important nugget for large-screen display companies. With the advancement of splicing technology, in recent years, a series of performances such as 3D technology, touch technology, cloud computing, 4K display, roaming overlay, etc. have all been realized on LCD splicing screens, and LCD splicing screens are also becoming networked and intelligent from time to time. , High-definition development from time to time to meet the new needs of users; at the same time, the interest of LCD splicing screens is also decreasing from time to time. To a certain level, it has laid a good foundation for LCD splicing screens to enter the field of public display. Its development prospects are very broad. High-definition, intelligence, and networking are the current mainstream development of display equipment. At present, in the application of project engineering, there are more stringent requirements for the image quality, size, brightness, installation and operation convenience of splicing screens, and more intuitive, More high-definition monitoring effects become the application requirements; according to the current situation, from the market representation of splicing large-screen products, it can be seen that the diversified development that will enter is mainly expressed in the following aspects:


1. Seamless. In recent years, with the advancement of splicing technology, the bottleneck of LCD splicing screens has made substantial breakthroughs from time to time. At present, LCD splicing screen products can control the double-sided splicing at the industry's lowest 3.5mm, which fully guarantees The integrity of the picture.

2. Large size, mainly because the size of a single screen will make a breakthrough. This large size can reduce the number of splicing units, and can also reduce the cutting of the overall picture by the seam" and improve the overall sense of the picture, which is bound to be a future development trend.

3. Modularization and intelligence, ultra-thin splicing display equipment has strong advantages in device applications, making the device and operation more convenient. But as a dedicated large-screen display device, its installation and debugging are also quite cumbersome and important links. In order to realize the functions of the system in daily applications, other equipment is often needed, such as matrixes, distributors, connecting lines, and so on.

    At present, many LCD splicing screen manufacturers are trying to make the device structure simple. To this end, existing companies have adopted advanced modular structure designs, such as built-in high-performance splicing processing modules and other unique technologies, such as a built-in digital matrix, which makes the installation and management of the splicing display system very convenient. In order to facilitate the operation and management of the system, LCD splicing screen products will inevitably incorporate more intelligent designs in technology. Fourth, digital high-definition and networking, high-definition surveillance era, if the system terminal display equipment can not achieve high-definition, digitization and networking, even if it is seamless and large-size, it will be useless. Therefore, the high-definition digitalization and networking of splicing screens have also become the top priority of the competition among display equipment manufacturers.

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