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A 55-inch LCD splicing screen project of an armed police force in Jiangsu

Release time:2019-08-21

The armed forces usually control the security and order of the whole city, so there will be a lot of monitoring cameras. However, with the emphasis on security this year, they are very concerned about people's property and safety in terms of human and material resources and financial resources. The following is a 55 inch LCD splicing screen 3 * 4 scheme purchased by an armed police force in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province。

The Chinese people's armed police force was founded in June 1982, formerly known as the central column of Chinese people's public security. It was founded in August 1949. The Chinese people's armed police force is a force entrusted by the state to undertake the internal security tasks of the state.


Because the display equipment in the monitoring room of the armed police force is too old, the monitoring display screen is not clear enough. In order to do a better job in security monitoring, it is decided to install a set of display equipment again. Through understanding, the armed police force thinks that the LCD splicing screen has clear picture, color saturation, picture, smooth and long life, which is in line with the requirements of the army monitoring room for the display terminal, so it decided Install a set of LCD splicing screen.


The army contacted several Samsung LCD splicing screen manufacturers and thought that huabangying's products were more in line with the requirements of the military monitoring room for display equipment. So they decided to hand over the project to Hua Bangying. After huabangying's technicians understood the requirements of the armed police force, they immediately sent special personnel to design the scheme for the monitoring room of the armed police force, and determined to use 3 * 455 inches Finally, the technicians of huabangying went to Nanjing for door-to-door installation to build a high-definition monitoring room for the Nanjing armed police force


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